I need IMEI tracker extention...Please help me anyone

(Rejoan Ahammed) #1

I want to get IMEI number from my user with this extention. When a user will create a new account in my apps then I will get his/her device IMEI number in my firebase storage. I just only need IMEI extention like ColinTreeIMEI extention.



why don’t you use the Colintree IMEI extension then?
btw. there also is thetelephony manager extension, which can return the device id…

(Aziz S) #3

its look like makeroid are not supporting any of extentions ? telephony manager extension or Colintree IMEI extension both are not supporting !!!


It’s a bug which is fixed for the next release.

(Aziz S) #5

oh ok. is there any chance to know next update release date mr. @Conor ?

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #6

This week @aziz_s

(Abhishek kumar) #7

I think it will be in next month 22/07/18 With Lots Of Bug Fixes

(Rejoan Ahammed) #8

Thanks to all

(SAHEB) #9

Still Now The Device Tool Component in kodular Not Working

(Yusuf Cihan) #10

Actually everything works perfectly. Also your post is not related with current discussion. By the way, this is an old topic which you are reviving.

(SAHEB) #11

Yes i know

But Still Now Not Working

(Yusuf Cihan) #12

What is not working? Please give more details then. By the way, you created a topic already about that. So please use your topic.