Initialize Device_Phone(get IMEI)

screen-not-initializing on Device_Phone didn’t get imei, And try to put on button then it works. How to fix it problem?

What will you do with IMEI?

for detection that device is already regsitered

First your question is not clear.
Second you should show what you have tried.
Read this and try again:

Apps are doing things during screen initializing. So put it in a timerblock that executes say half a second after app is launched and see if it works. If it works you can then try to lower the time interval.

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It will not work on Screen Initialization.
But if you will use a clock it will work.
Something like this:

The timer enabled block in screen1 should say true :wink:

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This could be an option to do the same:

It’s copy paste error :innocent:

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