Is there is a way to get unique ID from firebase

(Jonix) #1

im not taking about user UID.
i read this post push - Firebase: how to generate a unique numeric ID for key? - Stack Overflow
about getting unique id from firebase through push() function
question is if we can perform it from kodular to get somthing like this: -JRHTHaKuITFIhnj02kE


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(SunnyTheDeveloper) #2

What do you think about this :-
These are unique numbers.
You can generate with clock system time block.

(Jonix) #3

its also good idea. but im not sure how much unique it is, no option at all that 2 users will generate the same timestamp on the same time?
just if anyone ask himself how…

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #4

Can I know why do you need this?
It will help to understand well.
I used this to make a Chat app.
Otherwise you can directly get ’ unique id ’ by this block

(Chulbuli Apps) #5

You can generate new ID by using random digits and then you can check them in firebase that is it present or not for every execution.

(Cian) #6

Well you have this option as well.

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(Jonix) #7

so the aswer for main question is “no” haha
thanks, i will choose the best option from here