Koded YT Pleyar Multi screen Youtube pleyar

App name : YT Player
Its play youtube videos in Multiscreen mode like you are in india and your friend or family is in anywhere in the word you can play same videos and control from every Screen.

Please Suggest Improvements and Bugs.
Download APK YTplayer.apk (6.7 MB)

Nice application… :metal:

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Idea is good, but why mobile number is required? A user should enter a any random number or code. Right?

So you may reach more users. Because everybody don’t know what will happen after we type our mobile number. But using a random code would be good perfect.


Use a random unique ID such as

Then the user does not have to enter any details, you know they are authentic, and it helps user adoption

That is a huge issue as @yusufcihan said. You get fake numebrs and people saying… why should I?

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Yes I have implemented that . But not discribe I’ll do it batter. N thanks for your suggestions.

Please suggest UI

Okay I download application and check it and suggest you some UI improvements