Help getting IMEI number

can anybody provide an aia file which gets IMEI number from the device and shows on a label. ? i have problem getting IMEI number with Taifun Extension.

There is an extension for it.

Taifun’s site already explained how to use.
If you give us information about the problem, we can help you.

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it shows an error of permission

which extension are you using?
It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.



Directly go and use Device Tool​:blush:

Here is another way to get a unique ID without permissions.

Thanks, its working.

Hi, I tested the extension but it is not working for me.

The Label field prints the initialized value.


What Android version do you have

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Android 9
Security path Nov/05/2019

What about setting the label AFTER the value has been received in the GotDeviceId event?


That is the latest arrangement.
Before I had:

When (androidid1) .GotDeviceId
Do Set (IMEILabel).text to ----- get(deviceid)

And it did not work either

What’s that?
Why not this


Yes, that is what I said.
Setting the label inside the When androidid1.GotDeviceid event is triggered
Result is the same

Show your blocks…
And do not call GetDeviceId inside the GotDeviceId event as you mentioned earlier…
Think about why that can’t work…

With this arrangement the text comes out blank

Hy, just to say that moving the call to GetDeviceId to a procedure down the app solves the problem.

But I realize I need the DeviceId at app start in order to compose the SQL Select statement.
The problem seems to be calling GetDeviceId from when the screen initializes.
I tried the following but it still does not work:

IMEILabel still prints the initialized devid value.

unfortunatly you did not understand, how asynchronous methods work…
you do not get the result immediately, therefore the GotDeviceId event exists to get it…
also as it seems to be, your device does not return a device id…

the correct sequence would be (for devices, which return the id)

in the Initialize event

in the GotDeviceID event
assign the received id to the label (in your case the device unfortunately does not return it) and run the query

for the not working extension you might want to ask the extension developer for help or search in the extension directory for alternatives


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Dear Taifun, thanks for the feedback.
The Extension works if GetDeviceId is not called from inside Screen initialization.
Please check the code below. It is fully working and returnind the deviceid but as I said I would like to have it in time to compose my SQL request.
The reason I bring this problem here is because there was already a discussion about it.
Do you believe it is a problem with the extension or could it be some other mistake from my side?
The place I put the label is not important as long as it is after the my variable devid is loaded with the value of deviceid captured by the extencion and also that it is only an aid to diagnose the reason for the problem and will be removed as soon as the app works.
See that both the call to GetDeviceId and the label are now located at the procedure procData and it works perfectly.


will be your default device id

if you need the device id before running the query, then use a clock component in Screen.Initailize to get the device id a little bit later (try 1000 ms) like this
disable the clock in the designer
in Screen.Initialize event
set timer enabled to true
in the Clock.Timer event
set timer enabled to false and call GetDeviceId