Unique AndroidID Extension. (No Permissions Needed!)

Nope, That is why I built the extension.


I want to add this. But whether it is necessary to specify something?(I’m talking about politics) do Not block me for it in Google play?

No, This is the best way with no permissions or policies needed.

The UniqueID cannot identify the user in any way.

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Thanks for this extension i think I use it :face_with_monocle:

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Does not work in my application :frowning: When initializing the screen, I try to write data to the tinydb, the data is not being written …i’ll try insert addon instead of imei initialization

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This ID is not the same as that which appears in OneSignal.
How do I get that ID?

Thank you SO much! This is exactly what I was looking for!

this still works for android 10

But here is a problem with the ID. It gets changed on device factory reset or if the signing key rotates between uninstall and reinstall events.

@cian is no longer active on the community. Collecting device identifiers is also no longer suggested (by me) concerning the users privacy.

@cian , now it is not working

i tried in both ways. I using Oppo neo7


Cian is no longer active on the community. Please do not use the extension if you come across issues.

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Alas… I was used this extension only in one of my school app. Now i have to modify with firebase authentication it seems that only will give me static id. Is there any other method to get static id of the device without asking permission from the user,to prevent duplicate entry?

  1. You would not want to store the UID in Firebase without hashing it. This can lead to serious issues if you are storing emails or passwords unhashed as well.
  2. No I don’t know any other extensions for the use you’re looking for.
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wont store password and all (also firebase wont allow it and no provision i found so for). Unique user from unique device i planned. Thanks for your reply. Let we no need to length the talk.

Working fine, tested it again… 100%

Great extension!! This is exactly what i was looking for !!

It is work on android 10 or more?