IMEI is not storing in firebase database

I want to store IMEI of the device when someone signup and when he tries to make another account from the same device. it will show an error. but this block doesn’t store IMEI and whenever someone tries to make a new account with the same device it’s creating.

You can try to get the text of both the values to compare. If there are any problems with storing the data… Also, you are trying to get the whole tags in the database.

Instead you can do like this. The device-not-registered will only return if there is no such Tag in the database.

You can do the signup process after this condition block.

Also, remember that IMEI is a sensitive data. You must show that you are collecting it and store in a safer place with permission.

@Kreativestore make sure that you’re using the Android version < 10 .



Don’t use this method. Latest android version mobiles wont allow to share the manifest informations. Also google may reject it. Instead of that try to get device id by using default device utilities block or search in community. You will get an extension

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Yeah, i was tiring in android 10

Thanks For Suggestion

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This may be helpful for you: Unique AndroidID Extension. (No Permissions Needed!) - Extensions - Kodular Community

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