How to Storage mp4 video thumbnail show

Please elaborate :pleading_face::pleading_face:
I can’t understand :grin::grin:

I think the permissions are wrong. Your permissions are to write and not to read.
Check this topic, i’m sure help you

i also permissions

Insert Pedroza Extension into select list item list
and Pedroza Extension path > split text … blocks

not work

Can your provide aia
So I can solve the issue

plz solve the issue
video player app make

Try this

not add block

This works but with many videos app crash and closed. I think need clear the cache for each video…
For that reazon i set list lenght 10

Edit: I don’t know why but it always shows me the same image for all videos, maybe the extension needs to be updated.

thanks you help me you request extension needs to be updated

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