How to store an image in tiny_DB?

After getting firebase’s product image, as I do to store this image inside a tiny_DB, for the next screen boot, instead of using firebase again and retrieving the image, I can use Tine_Db without using the FireBase? The purpose of this is that I need to load a lot of images on this screen and this becomes very time consuming every time I come back to this screen. So by storing each image inside Tiny_Db, the process I imagine would be faster.


If it is a link then you can store it in tiny db

If I store Link, will it not access fireBase anyway?

Let me get this straight. When I pull an image from firebase, that image is then archived on the phone, and tiny_DB will then store the url that is now on the phone and not the image on firebase. This is correct ?

But still it will need Internet to load image.

But the internet only the first time I get on screen, correct? Next time the image will have already stored in Tiny_DB and now this image will be in the memory of the phone, so then it will no longer be accessed to the Internet, but the memory of the phone through the correct Tiny_DB?

For this I am creating at the end of initializing a Tiny_DB store and thus writing the images. And at the beginning of Initialize I then put a variable that, If Global Initialize Fast = 0, then call FireBase, otherwise call the images from Tiny_DB.

Firebase and tiny dB are quite similar.
But the difference is that you can access tiny db data without internet but not of firebase.
You can only get image link from tiny db while being offline but to load image and show it you will need Internet connection.

This image I retrieved in firebase I want to save it in tiny_DB. For this I have to assign the url that was saved in the phone. How would I find this url that is on the phone automatically?

Because to get faster the loading of the image, now I need to pull the url of the phone and not the firebase, can you understand what I want to know?
So when you pull the Firebase image to the phone, it is stored in an address inside the phone, right now how would I have this url on the phone? And so use this url to retrieve the image by Tiny_DB?

You can use Image to Base64 extension

I have noticed all the discussions on this address, it seems a bit confusing, summarized, could you give me a summary of how this extension works?

Why you don’t try? :neutral_face:

I want to try, but I wanted to understand before its operation