How to store data for OneSignal push notification

Hey @Daniel_R_Soares I am using

So I am not able to initialize it as local and global.

Actually the issue is that when app is closed only notifications are shown but no event is raised.

I can modify it in a few days.

Hey @vknow360 ,
Actually I need it for my school project which is due on 9; Is it possible for you to do it by today or tomorrow?

I’ll try, though no promises.

Hey @vknow360 for now I am using .actionbuttonclick function to store data. Can you try it by today?
Only if you have spare time; no pressure!
Thank you for your great extensions and work!
Thank you!

I have tried the easiest way to solve issue. Extension stores notification content in TinyDB with OneNotification as namespace.
Timestamp (millis) as tag and notification content as value.

com.sunny.push.aix (2.5 MB)

To retrieve data:

Hey @vknow360,
The blocks which you have provided aren’t working.

And the aix you have provided isn’t able to receive notification when the app is closed.


And yes bg notifications will be delayed.

But why call tinydb.clearall? And how do you create/edit/configure extension?

Well, do you want to retrieve freshly stored notifications or older ones as well?

I am not sure how that’s your concern. Neither I am interested in explaining that.

Yes! I’ve send you my aia file please do check it out!

What should I check out?

I have already given you aix and blocks after testing it myself.
Rest is your job.