How to store data for OneSignal push notification

Hello everyone,
I am new to app development please help me with the following
How can I send push notification through ESP8266 to my phone?
How would the ESP8266 trigger the notification?

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I am using the OneSignalPush extension by @vknow360.
My question is how to store a particular value after getting a particular message?
I am using ESP32 now.

There is a Notification Received event.

Can you please elaborate? Its my humble request to you

Sure, but I would like to know whether you have tried something or not.

Hey @vknow360

I am trying something like this.

Ok, but did you check if you are getting that particular data or not?

Yes, I am getting the data but not able to store it. Any help would be appreciated!

data parameter is a Dictionary, so it might not be equal to text.

So isn’t it reading the data? Is there any way to store the data for the particular notification?

Show the data you receive

I am getting this data:- {"body":"Stamlo-5 Taken!","title":"Stamlo-5!"}

Hey @Daniel_R_Soares This is what I get

Use the dictionary block to get the value.

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Hey @Daniel_R_Soares I am not able to read the data, I am using

This to read the data.

Can anyone tell me why this block isn’t working properly

Whatever notification I receive I only get “Stamlo-5 Taken!” on label2.

Send apk, I’ll check myself.

Hey @vknow360 I have PM’ed you the aia do check it out asap!

I solved the problem; But whenever I close the app it doesn’t store the data though I receive the notification but it doesn’t store the data. Any idea for this?

You just need to use a variable to receive the data