How to store information on screen even after switching between screens

hello, I put this favorite button, but the selection disappears as soon as I refresh the screen or move to another screen. How can I do to save the information to keep the selected.


only the label text is changed to the desired icon material.

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When any label clicked, use tinydb to store the clicked item… In screen init just check any component are present in tinydb or not, if exists set label color of prrsent component

I still don’t have much knowledge to follow the theoretical part.

Could you please show me how to get into blocks if possible.

You can learn and design likethis, if possible make changes according to your needs. If it not met to the level you expected, message here

thank you very much for your help.

I managed to see the publication’s aia and saw how it can be done, I adapted it to my project and it is working.

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