How to store multi values in a tag in firebase

Hello Everyone I am getting an error when I am trying to store data in Firebase Database Back slash is repeating three times. And it also effing when I retrieve the data.

My error and blocks

Blocks trying to store values using “join”


Blocks trying to store values using “list”

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 04-40-40 Scandal – Realtime Database – Firebase console

How I want to store

Please help me Where am I doing mistake.


First don’t need to use join block.
Just use make a list block and don’t put / spash

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Thanks @Zain_Work for replying.

It will not work for me.

I want to store values as arrays and get tham one by one and store each value in different different labels.

The result when I store data is →
30-08-23: [“2000”,“19-08-23”,“pending”]

What I want to store →
30-08-23: “[\“2000\”,\“19-08-23\”,\“Pending\”]”


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Don’t use slash symbol, directly use make a list block lone. It will store the result as you expect. Do not get bore for firebase extra slash, while you retrieve automatically it will show only the data’s

I used that block but when I try to retrieve it shows errors.



Show your save block and retrieve blocks

Here is the blocks
storing data

storing data in global list

main block


Why r using add item to list???

I tried like this and got output nicely


Thanks for your suggestion @Still-learning and it’s work fine as well.

But If I want to store values in the form of Jason?

Use dictionary blocks to save it as json using key and values

How dictionary block can help

I try this block


If I am doing something Wong please guide.


Yes , why, what is wrong in it? Call the value of that date and use get key value block

Sorry? what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong

How do I store values like this data →

This isn’t json data. This data is in list shap.
You can use make a list block.

So you can easily get your stored data as like :


In list view

Okay how do I store this??

Here are blocks

Here are testing video:

Any specific reason??

Yes I did the same with use of Dynamic Labels but I am getting data getting error when I resign values to dynamic labels I don’t know why this happening.
Error in the sense data is not showing in a manner.