How to Store Multiple data in TinyDB.. I have try but each time Only Single Entry Saved

I have created data entry app. The issue is only one data Entry will be stored in TinyDB. How to store more than one data in TinyDB and later I will sync with Google Sheet.

If not possible then suggest me other storage instead of TinyDB.

My Code is below :

I hope you can use dictionary method for every time while you save data like this… And you can recover it at anytime (but user shouldn’t uninstall the app)

Thanks for Support. But, I want to use regular Textbox instead of Dynamic Text box, How to do it?

Simlply in dictionary blocks replace dynamic text box. get text blocks with


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Surprise to see this… Cont you find it yourself what should come there? :innocent: :innocent:

Dear Still-learning,

Thank for your Support. My Issue get resolved. But one little thing asking for you… How to Sync TinyDB data with Google Sheet. In My app there is Three Buttons 1. Online Entry and 2. Offline Entry and 3. Sync

For Online - I have used Google Sheet Extension.
For Offline - Used your guidelines

Now both are working fine. Now How to Sync TinyDB data with Google Sheet.

Whenever app ini or connected with net, just call Google sheet first or second colum which matches with tinydb tags. If it found any difference then call that data’s from tinydb then upload

Once upload over, you can clear the tags by using tinydb clear all block, if needed

I had tried, but following message occurred.

“The operation SetData cannot accept the arguments: , [(A B C D E F G H I)], [empty-string]”

My Code is :

I don’t think this is correct blocks…

Colum headers set properly but their respective values is not set properly. Of possible send us your demo AIA. We will fix it

it looks like your tag is not there… in this case you are sending an empty string as value…

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools


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