How to store my points value ??? without firebase join Blocks

My App Name is Drop Money

I don’t know how to store my value points without join Firebase project bucket. Because i already create Firebase project bucket. When i call value this time my value create Another Firebase project bucket but i don’t need other Project bucket. i store value on my own project bucket. So Beautiful people help me how to store my value on Firebase own project bucket.


Just curious what you are making. If it is an earning app then you have a problem because they are not allowed.

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like @Peter said its look like an earning app, and you may get problem while ads approval , for knowledge, use firebase url change instead of bucket always, before storing use block
set frebase url to ''"
and set then use block
set firebase bucket to “Points”
and then store value,

and dont forget to change url for other work,

If another has the same problem…

Maybe it’s the tinyDB block.

If it doesn’t find the tag it puts the value “Value if tag not there”, which is empty. So the project bucket is Users/