How to store one location in a given position?

how to record only one location name and avoid multiple records of location with the same location name in the current position? if the user move to another location then that’s the time to record another location again.

explain better what do you mean with this. i didn’t understand.

thats the problem in the database…

these are the blocks…

Explain what do you want to do.

i want to store only one location in current position, not multiple locations in current position

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never used KIO4, but it looks like it will store the same subAdmin, CountryCode, feature again and again, because it will detect a new location( a location means latitude - longitude). Maybe @Kodular Staff can help you.

what i want is like this.
is this possible?

can you show me KIO4’s block images so i can try helping you?

what about using an if statement together with a global variable, which stores the current location?

if new location = current location
then do nothing
else store the new location in the database and set current location to new location


Make a comparison with latitude and longitude before recording. If the difference from the current one to the previous one is very small (you will define this parameter) you will not record it. If it is a big difference (there was a big shift) then you record.