How to store related image to a specific number in Firebase?


I am storing user’s mobile number as the tag as well as the value in my Project Bucket named “Users” in Firebase DB.

Here are the blocks:

blocks (6)

Here is the result:

Then, I am uploading a user image (profile picture) for that same number.

The blocks I am trying are:

blocks (7)

I want to know that, is there a way that I can upload the profile picture in a way that it gets related to the phone number of the user, so that when I get the data somewhere, I can get values of both Phone Number and profile picture?

Please let me know…


you can store bothe download link and phone number in one tag and separate them by a separator ( @ for example ) and when you get the tag you will get them together.If you want one of them split at the separator and select list item from the list you get as you want.

If you are using google authentication it is convenient to use the rules so that a user can write data only in their space.

And then organize the data so that each project bucket is the UserId of the user.

Here’s a discussion on that:

It is convenient to organize the firebase data more or less like this:



Thank you so much! I want it exactly like in the picture you’ve shown above. Does the link you shared include how to organize data like that?

I am confused with the blocks. I want it exactly the same.

Can you please show me how?

These are my current blocks that I have tried:

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Okay i will post you the updated blocks :+1:.

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Can you send me an aia or ais.It’s easier to edit :sweat:

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May I PM you?

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Check your inbox :wink:

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Those are the updated blocks:

And this is how to seprate them later:
blocks - 2020-08-26T115237.579

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with the global variables set to “create empty list”, right?

No it can be empty string

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thank you!

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You’re welcome :heart:

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