How to store sent push notification in app?

hello devs.
how can i save sent push notification in my app so that user can easily see all the notification later when they open the app. i want a separate screen for notification.
i am sending push notification from my app using onesignal api.
my app is almost complete and i just want this feature to be added before release.
please help guys. :pray::pray:

use this in screen 1,

blocks - 2019-12-09T225434.441

blocks - 2019-12-09T225437.081


Looks good. I never thought of saving push notification messages but maybe I’ll try it in my application :+1:t4::+1:t4:


You can also use screen for notifications with colintreelistview and airtable database connection.


How does it work ?

You can use Colintreelistview extension and call data from airtable database and when user click, use can open other screen or open external browser.

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thank you so much @ImranTariq :pray: :pray:. you are so kind and helping person.
i still have a question and that is i want to store notification in another tab specially created for notifications. but you said to use your given blocks in screen 1.

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you can use save notification blocks on screen 1, but can show on any screen, same tiny db add to that screen and call get value

i added blocks as you said in screen one and on my notification screen i called β€œget value” of tinyDB on a label for experimenting if it is working on not. but nothings is working. label is not changing its text to the notification i sent from onesignal. if i am doing anything wrong please correct me. i am not so familiar with list component.

i will test it in my app, and reply you

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both blocks are not working, :unamused:
not receiving data from notification.
component_event (2)

component_event (3)

what if when i send push notification from mobile i also store msg. text to firebase and then receive value from firebase to app. i only want message text not title text.
i am not familiar with list component so i am not getting desire result but could you please try this for me. :bowing_man: :pray: :bowing_man:

yes we can do that, i will show you blocks, wait

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on screen 1

blocks - 2019-12-09T225434.441

blocks - 2019-12-11T150707.385

blocks - 2019-12-11T151011.401

blocks - 2019-12-11T150711.632

on screen where you want to show

blocks - 2019-12-11T150934.841

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thank you very much @ImranTariq you are genius .
your blocks worked perfectly.
:bowing_man: :pray: :bowing_man:

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