How to sums the totals in listview?

Hello, everyone,
I had a difficulty to sums all the totals in listview, anyone can help with the block?

I will create a button and a label down below the listview1 to show the result

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Have you tried anything yet in blocks ? Show if possible.

I already confused, I cannot build blocks, no idea at all

From where you’re getting the values you set on the list view? You just need to add that.

from total, how can I do that? what block should I build, please give me example, based on listview above

Please read again. The list view is just the ui. We need to know from where you’re setting the values for the list view.

from this

Try like this


it doesn’t work, I try in another project, try to sum item index 5

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps

see also Live Development, Testing and Debugging



error message

Yes, sum is 0 and is not a list


how to solve, taifun?

How many columns does your list of lists have?
Which column do you like to sum up?
Provide an example of you global variable data


replace sum by data… the name of your list is data and not sum

to not be confused, let me suggest you to rename your global variable data to listData