How to switch from exo player to taifun player

can you explain how to switch from exo player to taifun player when I am streaming online

Give more details what you want

replace all exo player blocks with the corresponding TaifunPlayer blocks
however for streaming let me suggest you to use a more specialized streaming extension, for example
Stream player (Video and Audio) Extension by Kus Zab (12 USD)
see also the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

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Exo player load quickly but stopped when played for 10 mins but taifun player takes time to load but stream more than 10 mins. I want to start streaming with exo player then switch to taifun after some minutes so that the player don’t stop when streaming. I have use battery optimization but only works when charging the phone but if I am not charging the phone the player stop after 10 mins with exo player. Can you help on that

This extension may help you

thanks you, i will check it

or just try this: grafik

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which block will i put it. can you please show me example?


thanks, i have 3 screen on the app. should i keep all the screen on or screen 1 on only

No, on each screen if you use real screens (and not virtual screens).
But how about trying something yourself?

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its works perfectly but i noticed that after 10 mins my player stopped for 3 seconds then start playing and when i try to check the player duration i noticed that the duration has started back from 00:00

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