How to sync offline data?

I have a form with 10 question.
I will collect data from 20 people.
I plan to sent the data to airtable (or any other backend db)
but i will do all data entry in the absence of internet
is there a way to have the app store 20 forms off line and get it synced when it back online?

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not possible with airtable

use tinydb

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You can use firebase DB component which helps you to store data when app connect to Internet.

he want to store data offline

He wants to synced data when user online.

but its not possible when internet is turned off

He has to add questions in label text. He can store user entry when internet connect with firebase DB component.

In this case you might want to use background task extension, so you can synced data and send to your database once the app detected an internet connection.

U can store data in
*Tiny db
*Sql lite
And use web component to check whether the user is connected to internet
If true then call your data and save it in respected columns in your database

Its not a difficult task just require some logics and u will be done


Hmmm… How?

take a look at

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:joy::joy: I just get it from your guidse… As previously i didn’t use dictionaries :joy: and from your templates i get to know its method of storing data is very simmlar to sql lite

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That’s actually my own guide :joy: I thought @Zia_Choudhary said only using the dictionary

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:joy: :sweat_smile:

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I can do it but I don’t have the time :pensive:

Instead of Airtable, you can integrate Google Forms to Google Sheets. If user is offline, save the url in a list in TinyDB when submit button is pressed, then create a procedure to send those to Google Sheet when it’s back online.

is there any way we can sync sqlite database with mysql?

Please elaborate it more what actually u want to do

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You have to organize your idea … :+1:t2:

When do you want to activate data exchange between databases ? Check for duplicity … Insert online database… Clean the local database ?

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