How to synchronize screens and bottom navigation

The title is rather vague and I apologize for that.

This is my problem:
I put the same two “Bottom Navigation”, on Screen1 and Screen2.
When I click on for example “Home”, it changes to “Screen1”, and when I click on “Home2”, it changes to “Screen2”.
The problem is that when I click on “Home2”, the Bottom Navigation will be reset, and so despite the fact that I am on Screen2, in my bottom navigation it is Home that is colored. (As if I were in Screen1).
I’m sorry if it’s a little vague, but it’s hard to explain because I’ m not English.

I would advise on using arrangements instead of multiple screens. This way you can use one bottom navigation and use the arrangement visible option to display one or the other.

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You can use this blocks to select the item you want