How to test using companion or anyone who runs firebase

I try to do a companion test and say that the companion does not run the firebase, and how do I do it? if my project has the email and password in firebase. how can I test, before the update I could, now no more, please

Firebase authentication will not work with companion…
You have to create apk to try that @fabysaint


how do you do it friend, thankful

export apk , install apk to your phone and test it :slight_smile:

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because that’s the problem, I already exported it once, I don’t want to export anymore, I can’t and I don’t even know how to update. I’m in trouble

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Why you don’t want to export it.
Because firebase authentication not works with companion…

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already exported, the error, not updated and no longer export. this is stopped, I do data insertion, I do test with generate qr cold, but without using complete with firebase, and that’s what I want and I don’t know how to do it

I think nobody understand what are you trying to explain…

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perdao, eu resolvi isso, agora estou com outro, que o webview nao carrega a pagina dentro do kodular, nao sei se mudou algo. ou é a maneira que faço teste, so sei que da err refused.