How to this data list card view

(100 200 300 400 500 100 500)
How to this data list for card view component

Try this:

It is not clear. Please improve your question.

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Data for show list example
Order no. :282626
Status : pending
Amount :100
Quantity : 1
(282626 any other data)
(Pending any other data)
(100 any other data)
(1 any other data)

Can you translate what you want to say from your native language to english using google translate. so your words become more clear
.Also try this method in viewing your data in card views:

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Blocks ?
Read This

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Can you try this method:



Friend, it looks like you haven’t researched and tried anything yet.
1- search on Card view
2- search on database
3- create logic
4- design your UI
5 - test it

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Plz blocks make my example data & give me

if you want a developer to make it for you change the category to #marketplace:request
Else try the methods suggested.

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Try to use Google translate for us to better understand what do you want with proper english.

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