5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

What is global card I’d and global card Id ? Are they list ?

@themaayur i used 5 different layouts with a different dynamic component ,in every layout it show different listview.i want to know is when any cardview click how to get data for each different listview.



Try using this it just gives you the data in a cardview lable and u can store it in start value and then can open another screen with tgat start value
Here are two blocks
We use first block to track whick card is clicked and then use other blocks… Inner logic to get value of that lable in card


While giving ID have you given different letter at start, so we can classify different components according to ID

i Solved his Problem,
No Need to Scratch your Heads on this. :blush:

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As I said if you have has unique letter before ID then, use the method by @Zia_Choudhary

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@ADDYLIN thanks you broo you taught a lots of logic.it make me simple to create.

Actually That will Not Work as we can’t Search Uniqe Letter in Empty String.

Why empty string ? It will check the letter in ID and ID can’t be empty.
If so we can add a condition to check empty string.

He is Using 20 Dynamic Components.
( 1 for Each of his 20 Horizontal Arrangement )

He Need to Determine Out of Those 20 Dynamic Components which One made the Card View which he Clicked. And get the ID of that Card View as Start Value for Screen2 .

And to Determine that if he uses “getComponent” Block of “AnyCardViewClicked” Event, he Need to Check it with every of 20 Dynamic Component.
Out of which 19 will Return Empty String along with Error and Only 1 will Give the ID.

And i know that i Explained it Very Bad. :smile:
Edit - i again tried to Explain but it is still Bad. :smile:

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@ADDYLIN I think u didn’t get the core point
… I may have explained all this topic but bzy in some other works

Btw if u r having more smarter way then share here and @themaayur u can tag it in main post so that all the users having same queries can get help because finding such things in users posts is difficult as compared to main post

I have seen most of the queries are same… Or related so it will help

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thanks good ui


Add a Horizontal Arrangement, set width to -2 on the top and add another Horizontal Arrangement in the Previous HA, also set width to -2 and set Horizontal alignment to 2


don`t use make a list block , put your values in string


If I want to open a different video depending the card that the user click, how can I do it? (I use Airtable to store the data)

You will have to save video link in list and create Listview according.
When clicked on card view use its id ( no ) as index to get item from that list and show the Video.

Have you got any blocks? My actual blocks are here:


I will see it and post later :wink:


@themaayur Have you got it? :blush:

No, I am not having laptop otherwise I would have given blocks. But as I said do like this