How to transfer variable to another screen?

I am making a messenger app with a sign in page. I also made a user settings page in the app where u can check the info. And i want to set one of the labels to the text box in the sign in page. I used to use Thunkable where i could set the the text box txt’s as a new variable and go to the other screen and set the label’s text to that variable and the label’s text would be the same as the text box’s text. How do i do tht in Kodular

Please help, im new to kodular

One way is using tinydb and another one is to use open another screen with start value


How can we access that start value in Screen2? Like will we get it on Screen2 as some variable?

In screen 2 :-
In Control section there is a “get start value” Block that block return the screen 1 start value

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once we get the get start value block. What must we do with it in order to get the value?

In screen 2 use the block get start value

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Depends what you saved in start value and what you want to show. For example



it works now, thanks!

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