How to turn from 30000 to 30k

I need them so that the text size is small

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You Should Divide Number from 1000 and join K.
E.g 30000/1000 = 30 then Using join text block Join 30&K its’s 30K
For Simple make procedure
Mark Solution If you find


You will need at add a ROUND function in there before you do the join, otherwise a number like 31253 will endup like 31.253K


Just looking at that gives me a headache :joy: i had to do this for all numbers from a thousand to Quadragintillion (10^123) for my idle clicker game. But after doing it once I can now just copy the blocks to any other app.

So be nice and paste your blocks :slight_smile:

Its just that same thing for thousand repeated for each one. Do you mean I should share an aia so people can copy the blocks or an image of it?

totally up to you.

Sharing is caring :slight_smile:

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As you wish

I’ve made the procedure for Quadrilion, Trillion, Billion, Million, and Thousands :slight_smile:

Feel free to use it :wink:
Power10.aia (3,5 Ko)
Power10.apk (4,1 Mo)


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