How To Update Your App Content Like Pubg Mobile?

How To Update Your App Content or files or screen without creating new app version Like Pubg Mobile ?:sweat_smile:

you can use firebase

no i tried but i got some errors

Actually, you can’t. Makeroid apps (and all other App Inventor distribution apps) cannot modify their code via an OTA.

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No! You can! Or it can be looks like this.

You can change youre background image, text from any component or also the colors… And if you don‘t make an mistake, then I‘m pretty sure it will look very fantastic.

For example:

On Screen1.Initialize you must get the tags from firebase i.e. the background image url or the text that you want to show. You can also make the arrangements visible and invisible so it can be looks like a whole new app.
But the important thing is that you must design this before you release the app. @Kanishka_Developer is right you can not change the code but you can change the properties.

Or a second option would be to use a html file that you can change and download on initialize.


hey can i update my app via using app data file ? for ex I Have App Name Is Abc And I app have only 2 screen and i uploaded that app on playstore after 2 weeks i add new 2 screen in my app now i want update my app without playstore then i extract my new app and copy the all files and paste its on drive then when anyone open my app then app is automatically downloading files and paste it on same folder where old app data files there. i know its like i am mad​:joy::joy::joy:

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You can update youre assets but you can‘t add a screen without an play store update… you can download files but you can‘t change the components

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