How to upload an image taken from the activity starter and upload to Cloudinary

Could anyone help me create Kodular blocks to upload an image taken from the activity starter android.intent.action?PICK and upload to Cloudinary and get the direct URL.

Activity Starter Configuration

Use the ActivityStarter component to start an activity for picking an image. When the activity completes, it will return the selected image’s path.

Image Upload to Cloudinary

You need to use the Web component to make an HTTP POST request to the Cloudinary API. You’ll need to set up Cloudinary with your account credentials and the appropriate endpoint.

Retrieve Image URL

Once the image is uploaded successfully, Cloudinary will return a response containing the URL of the uploaded image. Parse this response to extract the URL.

note that you will need to replace placeholders like YOUR_CLOUDINARY_API_KEY, YOUR_CLOUDINARY_API_SECRET, and YOUR_CLOUD_NAME with your actual Cloudinary account details.

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