How to upload data in json file

please please make a aia file or tutorial and give it to me. please please please

I already mentioned 98% of work is in backend.
So learn any language for backend and start implementing it.

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Do you know?

I don’t understand what you want to do.

You repeat that you want to upload data with a Json file. But I think you have mixed up the concepts.

You can upload data to your MySql database via php, for example, and get the results in a Json file.

Or you can create a JSON file:

“menu”: {
“id”: “file”,
“value”: “File”,
“popup”: {
“menuitems”: [
“value”: “New”, “onclick”: “CreateNewDoc()”
“value”: “Open”, “onclick”: “OpenDoc()”
“value”: “Close”, “onclick”: “CloseDoc()”

and then upload the file to your hosting…

Maybe this tutorial can clarify some concepts for you.