How to upload data in json file

We all know that how to call data from a JSON file but how to upload data into a JSON file from the app? please help me.

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This looks like a cry for help. Every cry for help seems to be urgent. What did you research about sending and receiving Json?

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i want upload some text file like title, subtitle etc from my app to json file

Simple way to do it by storing your data in firebase database and export the json.

To Json file ?

no i want to sand data from app to json.

yes i want this

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Firebase database works on the basis of json, so i suggested you that. After storing data just get the json file from firebase, your all data will be available in that json file.

no if i want sign up and login system in my app with json . so how can i do this?

There is no way to edit json data from app.

You can show data from json file by storing it in assets but can’t modify it from your app.

For login sign up, use online databases, which are more secure.

If you are going to create offline sign up login system then use TinyDB.

Sorry. I am not an expert in Firebase. But I do not understand what you Want.

alreay told that i want upload data from app to json file. you know what is json?

As I told you, you can’t use Json as your database. Instead of that use TinyDB.

i already know those systems . but i need the json system

can we do this with web post text block


No. What’s is a Json.? Please me Help !

For this you need hosting, or your own website. Do you have any?

Using web is same as firebase, then why to use web? :grin:

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yes is have a hosting. i already try this post text system but it is not work.

OMG ! What did You try ? Show us yours blocks …

What i guess from above is you want to store data and retrieve from json file which is on server or hosting.
You can easily do with web component get method for retrieving nand post method for writing data.
But whole process is managed by your script on server written in php or nodejs or any language to handle this request and save data to json file.

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