How to upload file in Custom Webview

Hello, I did everything according to the model sent, continued the same ERROR 601 I’m going to attach an image of the blocks.

model block:

my blocks:

I’m in doubt, because your Fla stops when you click the button, and mine is when screen3 starts, does it have any influence?

I wonder why it looks different for me:

In case you uploaded wrong aia:
CustomWebView_Permission (2).aia (112.1 KB)

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Sorry to bother you persistently, but I’m really lost in this error, I did as per the attached image, error continued.

see the video I recorded from the screen.

I uploaded the aia that sent me last, the blocks came a little messy, the first was organized.

I will be very grateful for his help.

Post an apk then.

Yeah that was expected
Kodular is losing compatibility with App Inventor.
So better check in App Inventor.



AvellarPizzas_1_4_1.apk (7.4 MB)

I spent the day yesterday trying, but without success, changing blocks, so you sent me, but without success. Only this error 601: No correspondig activity was found. What can you think? Your project has an exclusive button to upload the files, right here, mine, it’s just a site being emulated in the form of an Application, isn’t it? application is all perfect, but there is no way to attach the receipt at all… :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

I think I need test credentials.

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what kind of credentials do you refer?

Where do I need to upload file? Please mention the steps.

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Okay, sorry, got it.

down here is the .aia to be uploaded to Kodular.
AvellarPizzas_1_4_1.aia (1.1 MB)

Here below, .APK already compiled, to be installed on Mobile.
AvellarPizzas_1_4_1.apk (7.4 MB)

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I am asking for steps to reproduce the error.

Sorry, I didn’t understand the translation correctly.
For me to describe the error?

please elaborate in detail, what exactly needs to be done to elicit the error…

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Error 601: No corresponding activity was found.

this same one, always when trying to attach the receipt, or any image, even after making all the suggested changes, I have been trying for weeks in vain, some have already said that it is not possible to upload receipts in CustomWebView, but I’m still trying. If you can help me, I will be very grateful.

Try this :point_down:

blocks (2)



If the upload content is image only then you can use Image Picker Component and make it’s visibility to false.

blocks (4)

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Hello again friends, I think I have something bad, something that prevents me or my project… :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

attached the images of the blocks.


Screen with loading error.

I made the changes suggested by noble colleagues, I was successful in opening the file manager to attach the images, however, the loading percentage does not exceed 0%. :weary: I don’t see anything wrong with the changes, just like my colleagues, @Anu10 ould send me this .aia if it doesn’t bother you to check it out, but of course, if it doesn’t bother you, I’ve been trying for months The closest I got was today with the help of colleagues.

Thank you, great weekend to you!

This is what I was saying.
You need to sign up to access that page.

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This error disappeared, @vknow360 I managed to open the file manager to attach the images, but it didn’t load, now it gave another small error.

My friend, I created an account just to thank you immensely for solving my problem, you are an angel sent by God, I believe, thank you infinitely, thank you very much from my heart, I am Brazilian

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Thank you so much for this. After so many hours, I finally found the fault. Please mention this in official documents if possible.
Thank you Thank You Thank you!!!

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Hello and sorry to unearth this post but i follow this method and another source of other tuto but i receive this error " Cannot find the component: FilePicker1"

Thank you in advance