How to upload images on Facebook using Web viewer components please fix it

Please fix some bug of Web viewer components when I’m turn on ssl ignore like thunkable but its not working on kodular I have a great project and I’m working on this please please it as soon as possible

Webviewer isn’t a full browser so currently it doesn’t support uploading

But when I I turn on ignore ssl on thunkable then it’s support uploading images but when I do the same in kodular then it’s not working

I think this is not a place of comparison :thinking:
As I learnt on community the webviewer doesn’t support uploading

I know this is not a place for any comparison…
Im asked for help… To the community

That’s good…
Please do search on community first…

The components are not the same. While they are based on App Inventor, there are very noticeable differences in the components. Being able to do one thing on one builder does not equate to the same for another builder.

Uploading feature should be fixed in next updates as it is the important part of webviewer.

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Yes we are waiting for the update

It’s coming in 2025


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I think 2025 is not much far…:laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Disclaimer: This is only for comedy purpose!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:

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