How to upload logo?

I dont know what is it square image what i need to do to upload a logo?

Square means the same number of pixels an all sides. For instance 200 x 200 or 512 x 512.


ho, ok thanks!

I would suggest 512 x 512 pixels.


Like Google Play…


With what pixel density? So that it looks sharp and clear.

This may help you:

when i upload it says - Logo uploaded but logo is not uploaded, i cant see my logo after update.

my logo is 512 x 512 png format

same thing happens to banner upload

  • Give more specs about your assets (such as bit, res etc.)
  • Try using another browser or computer.
  • After uploading, try viewing the logo using another device.

thanks… its visible on chrome… bit not visible in opera.

and i found some bug also…

when i upload logo from opera, its visible on chrome but not in opera
when i upload logo from chrome, its visible on opera but not in chrome.

Browser caching… You need to wait up to 3 hours I think