How To Upload Multiple Images In Cloudinary

I Have Tried This Code

But I Show Its Uploading But It Does Not Upload

On button click set get id to get id +1 but you have added 0 so it won’t continue.

Also remove for each number block , and in select list item list index place just use this get id

I Tried It Did Not Work

You must use one spinning notifier when that upload button clicked and dismiss it when the upload successful… make sure you r using correct details in cloudinary property place…

Because you do not know what is happening after button clicked, whether the event finished or not

Is This Code Correct

For testing purpose just use only use dismiss block only in when media uploaded. And on button click why do you want to upload one by one,? Just use for each item in the list, remaining app will take care of it.

On button click
Set spinning to progress
For each item in the list (get global picture)
Upload media path (get item)

No need of any id

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