How to upload the data in airtable which is in hindi language

can anybody tell me how to upload data in hindi format in airtable spreadsheet through a textbox component

Hi Ammar,
I think you need to translate language then you will be able to upload data in hindi.

Can we not store data in hindi in airtable?

some other solution without translating the data

As far as i know you can only translate language and put data like this.

If it was helpful, please click on solution button so that it would be easy for others to get solution.

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Hi @ammar5287,

I faced same problem but with Arabic language. But I got the solution and hope if it will solve your problem.

My trying was by using Web component to Encode your text either Indian language or whatever.

This method will convert your text to URI syntax.
And when you get it again use also Web component to Decode it to be again in Indian language.

Note: your data will stored on your Airtable as Encoded (as URI syntax) NOT like Indian Language.

I hope if that was you mean.



As @Moayad said, you can encode/decode the text:

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