How to use a loop for calling data from airtable

blocks (3)

This is my blocks for calling data from airtable .It is only call 2 record one time . I want to do that when i click on "see more " button ít will call next 2 record from airtable and view in list view.I will show you a pic for better understand

When click on see more button next 2 record should be called and this process is going on till the end of record list in airtable.

Please help me almost a week now i am trying but can not solve this issue.
it will be better understand for me if you put some blocks pic of solution.

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You can’t do this with have to call all record first.then you can show 2/2 on your listview by click on see more.

Try by doing like this. Look at on leftside blocks

Set global load as 2 in when button click blocks also. I have set it 1.change it to 2

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