How to use airtable attachment

Hello, How can we get Attachments in airtable spread sheet.

How to get an image from airtable Spreadsheet. If I upload it to airtable, can i access it from Kodular App ??

Shall i place the name Atttachments in the table name option?

Note : Uploading it to cloudinary and pasting the link is very lendy process so I want to upload directly to airtable somewhat like this

(for this you need to have json tools extension imported)
now i am calling 5 images from airtable from same column
put this block in screen intitialse:
now i have created a list of all the image component to set mulitple images at same time

ignore the image editior block as it has nothing to do with airtable it is just resizeing the image.
if this work for you then mark it as solution so others can find out.

yes it worked but your method showed 4 5 images but I cannot say exactly how many images will i need basically it is dynamic someday 5 someday 7 so what shall i do in the block of global images shall i create an empty list?

increase the number of record and add more images

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this process seems more difficult easier is to add in @mouhurtik i think anyways thanks for your help.