How to Use Airtable Spreadsheet in Makeroid

If you know hindi language then watch this video for air table connection and to store data in airtable.

*Goto Account overview you will get API key their.

How to Get Base ID

Goto API Documentation Next

Where to get Table Name

Add new row in AIr Table


Hey @The_Developer_2.0 , I watched your YouTube video (YouTube) which was very helpful to me. But can we use cardview extension only instead of that two extensions you used in that video? If yes then plz help me to configure it properly as i am not able to do that.
I already messaged you on facebook and waiting for your replay.
Thank you!

Not working I cant Receive or Send Data

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Bhai Airtable fairbase sy zaida secure hy kia

faibase sy points wli app hack hojti hy

fusion table k bary may bta do konsa storage zaida behtr hy

Once you get the data, how is it displayed in the app? With a listview? Or with a WebView?
I don’t know how to show all data as a table in the application…


How to parse result when used get all row?

check this

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how can i upload files in airtable attachment row?

Same doubt

It is amazing but hide your API key and base id also in the photo and then upload it