How to use Async image loader in Dynamic Components by json data

Here my json data for dynamic block with dynamic image fetch by airtable

    "name": "JsonDemo",
    "metadata-version": 1,
    "author": "",
    "platforms": [
    "extensions": {
        "JSONTools": "com.LukeGackle.JSONTools"
    "keys": [
    "components": [{
        "id": "VerticalScrollArrangement1{ID}",
        "type": "VerticalScrollArrangement",
        "properties": {
            "AlignHorizontal": 3,
            "Height": -2,
            "Width": -1095,
            "SmoothScrollingEnabled": true
        "components": [{
            "id": "MaterialCard1{ID}",
            "type": "MaterialCard",
            "properties": {
                "AlignVertical": 2,
                "BackgroundColor": -3617565,
                "CornerRadius": 0,
                "Elevation": 0,
                "FullClickable": true,
                "Height": 75,
                "Width": -2,
                "MarginTop": 10,
                "Radious": 50,
                "RippleColor": -5317,
                "RippleEnabled": false,
                "ShadowColor": -16738680,
                "StrokeColor": -1499549,
                "StrokeWidth": 2
            "components": [{
                "id": "Image1{ID}",
                "type": "Image",
                "properties": {
                    "Height": 64,
                    "Width": 64,
                    "Picture": "{IMG}"
                "components": []

Here my block

Pls guide me for write block for async image load, without async, my screen is hold, when my image load then show screen.

You may use any image loader extension.
Below one is recommended.

@JEWEL how to set image component or what’s name of image components in schema data

  1. you cannot use numbers in the names of dynamic components (basic logic)


  1. having the dictionary available, I don’t understand why they continue using extensions.

try something like this

Thank you, its work :100: :+1:

What is this, pls guide me, i am not understand, i am new in this field.

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