How to use Cloudinary Component

Hello everyone, I am facing problem while uploading to Cloudinary.
When i upload it uploads to server but it is shows error to me. And it does not return the url of uploaded image
Here are my blocks-


Please help me if I’m putting up wrong blocks.

I’ve tried something like this.
It should work.
Of course you can’t do better, I’ve done it in like… 2 minutes.

The clock is set to Timer Interval = 2000 and Time Always Fires = false

But I would like to know what is the error that you have ?


Thank-you @Stiaen for taking out time, the problem is " photo gets uploaded to server but it donot returns the url of uploaded image on server ".
App just says-

No problem :wink:
I also got this error reproducing what you have done. You have to put a clock as I’ve done, and I think you won’t have any issue again.
Inspire from my blocks.

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Thanks @Stiaen is your block working fine?
Actually i haven’t checked them.
If working then there might be delay in getting url, that’s why error occurs!

Yes, I share you the .aia if you want to test it by yourself :slight_smile:
*Of course you’ll have to put your Cloudinary infos, I removed mine
Cloudinary.aia (33.4 KB)

In fact yes ! You have to put a little delay after the image is uploaded (1 sec is enought I think, I put 2 in case)

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Is it possible to load several images at the same time?

No. One asset as a time.

I tried but I could not do it, could you show me with blocks?

What extensions u use?

Hey @bluezoneplay we are using Cloudinary component to save our images on cloud. You can find it in Storage section at top.

hai…can you help me…how to upload image cloudinary in different folder? thanx

I dont think it’s possible right now.
P.S. - I haven’t tested, you can search in the forum or create a new topic!

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