How to use downloaded images

I download images and they are now in , download folder

How to use them now in app

So when i press button
set image7 picture to 123.png

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take a look at this topic

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It only shows , how to download and muve .

Where is the block that shows how to use image which is in download folder in app

Hello @davidhrenn
Once the image is downloaded, you will get the path of the file in the Download complete event. See below. Use this path to bring(or use) the image in your app.


I wont download it every time , youst once

And every time i open the app i need to use it .
Any block for that ?

you can save the download image’s “filepath” to tiny DB and later retrive the data . You can name the Tiny Db tag with the name of the image.

You better read the thread fully…
Your desired solution is on that thread… :unamused:

Sory [DjJohn07], can you please point me to

Its by jukundroid


Got it
Thank you allot !!

But now i need this component to be canavas

Image works picture shows, but canavas doesnt ?

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