How to Download File From Firebase & Move In Hidden Folder?

It’s here what I was explaining.


I mean how to set .move block of kodular because block shape of .move is different in kodular

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Connect it to an event block, which is one of the yellow one which you can put blocks under.

All events blocks shape doesn’t fit with this block only one block evaluate and ingnore result block fits but it is not working

OK, evaluate should work so try it again under Screen1.initialize

Yes downloaded successfully…
Now I want …
When app opened (scree1 initialise) check if the photo (photo.jpg) exists on user device (.foldername) if yes then get it if not exist(user deleted the hiden folder or the image then download it on first run…
How to do that?

You can take a look at this thread if something can be helpful


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One thing I do not like with the download component, if you move the file from the default Download folder, it leaves track of which files you have downloaded in the stock Downloads application of my device…


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Did you mean to use it like this ? image
I really want to use Kodular file component, because it is batter than add other extention to project but why move block have shape like that ? i have no idea how to use it,​ it should be shape like the copy block once. And dun know why Kodular make move block like this, maybe it have something specail or … but hope they make it like copy block because i and many user familer with block shape like copy then move block.

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Not completely solved my curiosity :joy:

i know how to do that and im working on simler project like u too,
but the problem i have now is that i can’t get the file that have been downloaded in user device by using Read From block.

If you do it well…
Please let me (& community members) know :metal:

Sure, I will make a tutoial too:smile:

It’ll be great :heart_eyes:

It returns a boolean (true/false) to let you know whether the move operation was successful.

Oh thank you:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here is simple example image image
I created a folder name with . because i don’t want images in that folder to appear in phone gallary.


Sorry for my late response, but yes.

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Don’t know how it is in your case guys, but there is still an entry In Downloads of the file, even though it’s moved to an hidden folder



For me there is nothing left, no track or entry in Download folder after moved, maybe you have check and delete after moved.