How to Download File From Firebase & Move In Hidden Folder?


(Surendra Parihar) #1

Download Files From Firebase And Any Other Database And Move In Hidden Folder, So only Your App Can Read It.

Hello If You Want To Download Any Data Like Photo, Video, Music, & Any Other File Then Follow Steps Given Below.

Step 1: You Need To Set Different Name OF Your Files If You Want To Download Multiple Files.

Step 2: Upload On Data Base.

Step 3: Make Download Link Of Your File From Data Base.

Step 4: Use Download Component.

Step 5: Import Taifun File Extension

Step 6: I Use Button For Download Action.

Step 7: Set Block.

Note: When You Add Dot(.) Before Any Folder Then The Folder IS Hidden And The Files Inside Folder Not Show IN Gallery, music player, video player.

You Done It. Now Lets Check Its Work Or Not
Step 1: Open File Manager & Turn On Show Hidden Files Option

Step 2: Now you see all hidden folder. Open Your folder And See

Download_and_Move.aia (33.0 KB)

I hope You Like This.
If You have Any Problem Then US.

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(Pavitra Golchha) #2

Good tutorial.

But there is a Move method already in the File component.

(Surendra Parihar) #3

yes i see this but i don’t understand how i call it to move data so i use @taifun’s file extension

(Nathan) #4

Input is to From Filename, while Output is to To Filename

How to Download file from firebase to assets
(Moustafa Mahmoud) #5

2 points

  • what if i want to change the photo that i want to save !!
    i want make it change just from fbStorage
    in this way i have to enter the app every time i need to download another photo to copy it’s link.
  • i want to get the photo i’ve saved to the app after getting it from fbStorage so i can preview it in the app without needing the internet every time i open the app

(Pranay Raj) #6

But how to set kodular block

(Nathan) #7

It’s here what I was explaining.

(Pranay Raj) #8

I mean how to set .move block of kodular because block shape of .move is different in kodular

(Nathan) #9

Connect it to an event block, which is one of the yellow one which you can put blocks under.

(Pranay Raj) #10

All events blocks shape doesn’t fit with this block only one block evaluate and ingnore result block fits but it is not working

(Nathan) #11

OK, evaluate should work so try it again under Screen1.initialize