How to use external browser in specific link in web viewer?


This is whatsapp icon contact that i want to use external browser only in web viewer. so, I don’t want to use the other links external browser in the same web viewer.

How can I do this???

Its only put all the links use external browser!!

Try This : if your specific link is in url



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Hi thanks for your solution!
But the specific link that is the whats app is in the web viewer. So, It hasn’t a variable,
and that is a good solution. Thanks.

I wish to respond!!

Can I make a new screen and that I put in it web viewer of WhatsApp Web and oclick on whatsapp open the whatsapp screen on the app without browser or not??

I wish to respond…

Yes you can do it! Follow My Steps!

  1. Create New Screen (wapp) ← example name!

  2. Add Web Viewer in.

  3. Set Web Viewer Home URL To Your WhatsApp Web.

After . When user clicks whatsapp icon - open another screen to (wapp). It’s done​:v:

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Ok thanks very much!!
I will try it…
:+1: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Hi Mr_Mahir!
I try the solution but when i click on the whats icon it open for half-second and open the same problem…

Mar_Mahir if you have a solution please tell me or if you won’t thanks for your solutions and i will that problem and solve it.


Share your blocks. So i can make it

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That’s it:

I know how to solve this problem.
Go to your blocks and put the following blocks:

put your website in block piece,
And that’s it…

What are you trying to do?

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I’m trying to do when the user click on the link webviewer it displays: webpage not available…
so I put these blocks so the user click on the link it open in browser.
that’s what i’m trying to do…

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