How to use Firebase Remote config?

First of all I loved the new remote config feature, thank you very much to the kodular staff for this new and super useful feature, thanks also to the staff that will eventually come to answer this topic.

I have some doubts about the remote config, first I will show my tests …

Now I have some doubts:
Am I making the correct use of the blocks?
Will this only work with apk already compiled? (my tests so far are only in Companion).
When I try to make the button rename, I can go straight to fail.
How do I make it work?

Thing already done:
The .json file is already in the project.

Could someone tell me some tutorial or something to make it work?

I would very much like to create the docommentation of such component when I learn to use it.

English is not my primary language.

Check out the tutorial in

I’m not going to ask questions, but Firebase Remote Config - Kodular Docs isn’t finished.

Since you did ask, you’re doing everything correctly. The only thing you’re not doing is testing it in the companion. Firebase Config only works with an exported APK.