How to use Firebase

Hi everyone :wave:
I want to ask a strange question, how to use Firebase Database component ? :sweat_smile: :joy: :firebase:
Every thing i try with it don’t work i need help please especially for the component propreties, what should i set for every proprety and if there is an example then give me one
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Have you searched on the community? There are lots of topics about it :wink:

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I searched but i still can’t understand well how to use :firebase: DB

Ok… In URL you have to enter the URL that firebase show you on the database panel
The protect bucket is the position where you want to be. If your data is at the start of the database, don’t put anything. If your data is on a folder, enter the name of the folder
And the ID token… don’t touch it

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Thanks so much :heart_eyes: :heart:

Why? :sweat_smile:

It’s auto-generated xdd

I think that i should put the web api key there because i asked someone in the community before

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You’re right and @JaviR3TicS is also right.

If you wish to use the default Firebase database provided by Kodular, then don’t change the Firebase Token. You can use it as a general purpose cloud database, but you do not have access to advance options like authentication and setting database rules etc.

On the other hand, if you are an advance user, and you wish to use your own Firebase database then you can replace the default Firebase Token with your Web API Key or your Database Secret (either of them would work). In that way you would have access to your Firebase database from your app, and you would be also able to manipulate it on the console backend.

Thanks a lot :yum: :heart:
But for the token

What should i use the api key or database secret, did you tried that before? :thinking:
If yes, which one you tried with and it worked? :smile:

Both should work, but Database Secret is now a deprecated method.

Please i need your help, i want to store a list as value in firebase but it don’t work and when i want to store a string value it works :sweat: :sweat:
How can i fix that

Post your blocks.

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