How to use "for each number from _ to_ by_do this" block?

I am trying to make a video status app for someone.

:point_up: Here is the list where there are only 2 rows.

:point_up: In these blocks everything is normal upto “Got All Rows” and then I am requesting for a particular row and storing them in a list “name3”.
Everything is normal upto this but after this I am using “for each number from 1 to” (in Got Row block) and from here I should get 2 different card view with 2 different image and text, but I am only getting value of 1 row at a time in 2 card views with same image and text. And also getting this error

I checked using a lable after storing both rows in list “name3” and getting 2 different values, which is normal.

I also tried it with these blocks and getting the same error


probably this is the error, you used “select list item” inside a “select list item”
the outmost “select list item” returns a single item to the “select list item.list” and hence it is a single element not list you cannot call it with index more than 1


thx, but I figured it out
actually what was happening is that, I was first storing all the values one by one in list “name3” and without knowing that all values are stored in the list, I am requesting them. Means I am then requesting for values that not even stored yet in list “name3”.
So I add this block also and it’s working perfectly =

But please let me know what if the list in airtable have a very long list, then can it take more time to load ?

Yes it may, depending upon the network speed.

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