How to use headset microphone on SOUND RECORDER?

Greetings creators!!
I was developing an app to use the smartphone as a controller for a parrot radio FRS repeater. For this I need to connect the smartphone audio to the radio audio to mount the repeater, where it will record what the radio receives and then reproduce what was recorded for the radio to retransmit. Everything was great until I realized that the SOUND RECORDER only picks up the audio from the internal microphone and not from the headset microphone…
I wonder if there is any extension or other feature to configure the use of the cable microphone instead of the internal microphone?

Saudações criadores!!
Eu estava desenvolvendo um app para usar o smartphone como controlador de uma repetidora papaguaio de rádio FRS. Para isso eu preciso ligar o áudio do smartphone ao áudio do rádio para montar a repetidora, por onde ela gravará a o que o rádio receber e em seguida reproduz o que foi gravado para o rádio retransmitir. Tudo estava ótimo até eu perceber que o GRAVADOR DE SOM capta apenas o áudio do microfone interno e não o do microfone do headset…
Queria saber se há alguma extensão ou outro recurso para q configurar a utilização do microfone do cabo ao invés do microfone interno?

If you want to record headset output then it’s not possible.

That’s not it, I need to record the sound that comes through the microphone, when it finishes it plays back what was recorded, I’ve already managed that… but the app only records the sound through the internal mic, when I connect the cable to use the external mic it continues recording from the internal mic.
What I need is to record through the mic connected to the 3.5mm socket on the cell phone.
I’m going to read this thread you’ve attached, I think that’s what I need!!

Não é isso, preciso gravar o som que chega através do microfone, quando termina ele reproduz o que foi gravado, isso eu já consegui… porém o app grava apenas o som pelo mic interno, quando conecto o cabo pra usar o mic externo ele continua gravando pelo mic interno.
O que eu preciso é gravar através do mic conectado na tomada 3.5mm do celular.
Vou ler este tópico que anexou, acho que é isso que preciso!!

What I need is to record through the mic connected to the 3.5mm socket on the cell phone.

Greetings makers.
I don’t think I was very clear with the explanation of the problem.
I’m making an app to use the smartphone with an HT radio to set up a parrot repeater. It’s very simple, when the app detects audio it triggers the sound recorder and when the audio is sessa it plays back what was recorded… but I had a problem:
How can I make the SOUND RECORDER record audio through a microphone connected to the 3.5 mm socket on the phone?
Because it only records through the internal microphone, even when I connect a mic/phone it only records from the internal microphone…

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Normally this should work . Maybe your hardware is broken.
Check with another headset/earphone

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Hit the bull’s eye!!
It wasn’t the headset cable that had problems but the 3.5mm jack on the Yotaphone2… I tested it on another device and Bingo!!
Thank you so much Peter, it didn’t even cross my mind that it could be a hardware issue.

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