How to use Image utilites?

I’ve been working on a project which is a simple instagram, that user can upload their photo, change BIO, Change theri infomation … The problem is image used​ in app appear in users gallary. And to avoid that, I create hidden folders and download all the files (photos) and keep them there. But i dun know how to get them back! I tried with Read From block but it didnt work, then i found other component called Image utilities that use to load new image from path image i did it like this but owner_pic’s picture component didn’t change? Can anyone help me ? I really have no idea now.

Try using an online image address

Your path looks wrong


can you correct it ?
Do i have to use SDcard/.TEST/UserAvatar.png ?

Oh haha :laughing: thank you:relaxed:
I found a solution, the correct path is /storage/emulated/0/.TEST/UserAvatar

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